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Millions of people will be familiar with delta links. Alternative terms are delta rings/links and D rings. They are used in road transport operations to keep loads lashed securely onboard HGVs. We sell these links in many sizes and styles to suit any application.

Pick from Different Delta Links

delta link fittingsDelta links are usually welded in the classic ‘D’ shape, allowing them to be stitched into a lashing strap and hooked onto an anchor point in a matter of seconds.

Some models have a locking screw which enables easy attachment or removal. This is often more convenient than being a permanent fixture. This acts a little like the safety catch of our flat snap hooks  You can order either kind from Rope Services Direct, as well as specifying an entire custom ratchet strap solution that is made to measure.

Different  Link Designs

Tubular links are usually the most popular type of link. Completely flat links may also be found, these are more compact.  Check out the full range of ratchet strap fittings on our site, read up on the benefits of safe cargo transport and buy the best products for the job at hand. These links have many different uses. One popular item which utilizes delta links is a safety harness. The links enable lanyards and fall arrestors to be quickly and easily attached.

Need to Know More?

You can find out further details on delta links, other types of cargo restraints and ratchet strap fittings and the full range of products we sell at Rope Services Direct when you browse our website. You can also contact our staff  if you need more information or advice.. Why not give us a call on 01384 78004? If email is more convenient, our online contact form can be found here.

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