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Ratchet straps and cargo straps are designed to give the user a piece of equipment that can safely and securely tie down a range of loads with ease. There are millions of combinations of load shapes and sizes that need to be moved for all manner of reasons. You need products that you can rely on to help you to do this. Our endless ratchet straps may be just what you need.

Whether you’re an individual just looking to tie down his canoe for the weekend, or perhaps you’re from a heavy industrial or transport industry, our straps can do just the trick. One of our most popular varieties is the endless ratchet strap.

More information on our Endless Ratchet Straps

Endless straps are simply lengths of webbing straps which have no end, i.e. hook or fixing point. The ratchet strap end feeds into the ratchet handle enabling the load to be pulled tight.

This endless equipment can be easily tightened, but also quickly released when necessary, making them extremely simple to use.

Sometimes called “tie downs” endless ratchets are much quicker and safer than using old-school methods such as knots and ropes. Ideal for larger loads of 5,000KG or more, endless ratchets are perfect for securing roof rack loads, palleted loads and also for grouping a number of items conveniently together. They don’t require fixing points to be used either.

All of our endless ratchet straps are manufactured to EN 12195-2:2001, so you can rest assured that quality and safety has been prioritised with all of our gear.

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What are the advantages of endless ratchet lashings?

Our endless ratchet straps are made from strong polyester, a webbing material that is extremely tensile. Using this material, there are a number of benefits that an endless ratchet strap will offer to you:

  • They are extremely resistant to many harmful elements and chemicals. This equipment will often be used in a range of environments, such as outdoors or in environments where chemicals may be present. For this reason, they are well protected against UV rays, moisture, mildew and oil
  • It is a strong and durable piece of equipment that is also highly resistant to stretching and shrinking. For this reason, they retain their shape for a long time
  • They enjoy an extremely long service life
  • Should you need to, you can easily wash and dry the equipment

We have our own manufacturing and production facilities located onsite here at Rope Services Direct. For that reason, we can attest to the qualities listed above. We thoroughly test all of our equipment before supplying it, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll be supplied with only the very best on the market.

Inspecting your equipment

While all of our equipment will be supplied with only the highest quality in mind, it is still important that you take good care of it during its service life. Please follow the manufacturers guidelines, including correct usage advice.

It’s also important that you regularly inspect your endless ratchet straps, carrying out proper pre-use equipment checks. All lifting and securing equipment will suffer natural wear and tear, given the nature of the heavy loads they are handling. If you are unsure about anything, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Rope Services Direct contact details

Endless ratchet straps are extremely beneficial pieces of equipment, helping millions around the UK to secure loads with ease. If you would be interested in finding out more about this equipment and purchasing with us, then please call 01384 78004, and our sales team can also advise if this is the best ratchet for your purposes. For all other contact details, refer to this page here.


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