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Cam Buckle Lashings

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Part of our extensive cargo & ratchet strap range, our cam buckle lashings are strong, secure and expertly manufactured. This piece of equipment is ideally suited to smaller and medium weight operations. For example, they are used with camper vans with pop up type roofs. They help securely tighten down the roof to prevent any water ingress.

If you want to find out more about this equipment and why it is so well suited for such a range of operations, then you will find all of the relevant product information that you need below.

More information on Cam Buckle Lashings

Our cam buckle lashings (also called straps) are perfect for use as securing webbing straps. Designed for load capacities of up to 750KG. Cam buckles consist of a free end and an end which is stitched directly into the webbing.

The end fitting that is stitched in – the cam buckle – is one of a number of end terminations and fittings that are utilised with ratchet straps. The buckle has the kind of tightening mechanism like the seatbelt type buckle that you will find on an airplane. If you are familiar with this type of fitting, then you will know its easy to use. Once the strap is fed through the buckle it clamps down onto the strap. The strap won’t be coming undone unless you want it to!

To operate it, it works similarly to this type of belt buckle. The free end of the webbing is passed around the load and then pushed through the cam buckle and pulled until tight. The toothed lever applies force into the desired place in the webbing and then the load is secure.

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Tie Down Straps

As you can imagine, this setup is pretty secure. The cam buckle lashings allow you to safety tie down loads or objects without having to worry about it becoming loose. To release, you simply have to press down on the cam buckle and pull the strap back out. This is a simple and easy-to-use, yet highly effective and strong, piece of equipment.

Our straps are manufactured from high tenacity polyester webbing. This material is incredibly strong in nature, and yet remains flexible, lightweight and easy to transport. It is also a high durable and resistant material, enjoying a good level of resistance to things such as mildew, chemicals, moisture, UV rays, abrasion, stretching and shrinking.

These are all factors that can be at play on a daily basis. So whether the strap is operating in hazardous conditions or outdoors, a good level of resistance is paramount.

Custom Cam Buckle Lashings

We manufacture cam buckle lashings in-house so can create any type or length of custom lashing to your specification. A variety of widths and colours are readily available; call us on 01384 78004 to discuss your specific requirements.

Cam buckles

Our range of Cam buckles can hold anything between 250KG to 750KG, and can be custom cut; making them available in any length you may require. These simple tie down straps have an easy to use mechanism which allows you to secure and release a wide variety of items with ease. Great as simple cargo straps or tie down straps!

We have high quality and modern industrial stitching and testing facilities located on-site. These machines will be used by the experts who have been doing this time and time again. So if you have custom requirements and specifications and need something produced to match, then we can help!

All of our straps and cam buckle lashings are fully compliant with all relevant guidelines, such as the EN12195-2: 2001 European load restraint standard.

Order your equipment today

At Rope Services Direct Limited, we only stock top brands, so you can rest assured that you are investing in quality equipment when you purchase from us. With fast delivery, tailored options and competitive prices, all of our products can be tailored to your individual needs making purchasing your cam buckles from us your best option.

Cam buckle lashings have become an extremely important and widely used piece of equipment, and they have a surprising number of uses around the world for dozens of industries!

Given their good level of resistance, strong polyester nature, and the fact they can be manufactured bespoke in a range of sizes, colours and widths, it’s easy to see why! If you would like to place an order, please call us on 01384 78004 or contact us here.

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