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6mm 7x7 galvanised wire rope

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6mm 7x7 Galvanised Wire Rope - Wire Core

6mm 7x7 Galvanised Wire Rope - Wire Core

Snap up our sturdy, durable galvanized wire rope with a 7x7 strand configuration and a 6mm diameter if you need a solution that will not sustain damage due to corrosion. More information below on the 6mm 7x7 Galvanized Wire Rope.

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Facts & figures for 6mm 7x7 Galvanized Wire Rope

With any wire rope purchase, the performance potential of the product in question needs to be scrutinised carefully. We provide a full table of technical data for this rope below, where you will see that it can shoulder up to 2791kg and withstand a breaking force of 21.9kN.

Also pertinent from a practical standpoint is the galvanization process which has been applied to the steel of this rope. This shields it from rust and allows it to be used in places where moisture is likely to come into contact with the surface.

Finally it is worth noting that this rope has a steel wire core. This affords it some flexibility, although opting for a fibre core wire rope like our 6x7 galvanised range is sensible if you want something that is more malleable.

1770 1960
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
6 13.82 24.7 2,520 27.4 2,791

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In addition to various versions of galvanised rope, you can rely on Rope Services Direct to make and supply stainless steel rope, plastic coated rope, fibre rope and a long list of other products for all conceivable commercial uses. If you are looking for a rope with very specific characteristics, fittings and measurements RSD can help. We can custom make any rope assembly specific to your requirements.

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