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13mm 6x12 galvanized wire rope

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13mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope (1m Length)

13mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope (1m Length)

Tackle some particularly tough load restraint tasks by choosing the 13mm 6x12 galvanized wire rope and letting Rope Services Direct do the honours of combining 13mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope with fittings to create something truly unique.

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13mm 6x12 Galvanized Wire Rope uses

Empowered to avoid corrosion thanks to its galvanized surface, this wire rope is a durable solution for operations which take place outdoors. Exposure to the elements, including salt water, will not leave the rope damaged, even with persistent use in marine environments.

The 13mm thickness of the rope affords up to 7,057kg of load capacity to users, yet the prevalence of fibre in the core means that it is more appropriate as a lashing option rather than a dedicated lifting solution.

With tough, lifting-ready galvanised rope available from RSD, you are not forced to opt for 6x12 rope if it does not fit your use case.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960

Breaking Strength
Diameter KG/100M kN KG Kn KG
13 42.42 62.5 6,373 69.2 7,057

Embracing alterations

One of the many services we offer customers is the option to specify a bespoke wire rope assembly which conforms with the dimensions they set out and comes with the necessary attachments to make it immediately advantageous.

This 13mm 6x12 galvanized rope is available in just such a setup, put together by professionals and constructed from the best materials available. Choose your end termination from our huge collection of fittings. You may need a simple soft eye or a more robust thimble eye termination. Hooks rings and other fittings can be added into the eye during the pressing process if required.

Ask us for quotes and advice

You might be ready to order or just starting out on your wire rope buying journey. In either situation RSD will be your guide. Simply call 01384 78004 or email the team to get a dialogue going.