6×24 Forestry Rope

The forestry industry is one the heaviest users of this equipment. The equipment enjoys a range of uses within this sector, perhaps to hold parts of a tree together, or to assist in hoisting a stump out of the ground and for logging chokers perhaps. For many of these heavy duty operations and applications, it can help to have reliable and specially designed equipment. For that, Rope Services Direct have the 6×24 forestry rope.

More information on our 6×24 forestry rope

6x24 forestry ropeThis equipment is a little unusual in its construction when compared to many of our other pieces of stainless steel wire rope in that it has a great deal more wires than bundles/strands. This particular product has 6 bundles, but with each bundle containing 24 threads of strong and sturdy stainless steel wire.

Given the nature of the industry that this equipment operates in, it is likely to be subjected to the outside elements frequently. While stainless steel has a good level of resistance against rust and corrosion, it’s important that you take steps to further protect your equipment.

For this reason, we can offer this equipment in a galvanised version, which comes complete with a zinc coating, adding an extra layer of protection against the potentially harmful elements.

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6x24 forestry rope specifications