6×36 IWRC Compacted Wire Rope

Compacted wire rope is rope which has been constructed in the same manner as other stainless steel equipment, except it has been tightly compacted together. If you want to find out more about the benefits of this type of construction, please read on below where you will find information regarding the 6×36 IWRC Compacted Wire Rope.

The benefits and uses for 6×36 IWRC products

6×36 refers to the number of bundles and strands within the rope respectively. The IWRC refers to ‘independent wire rope core’, which means another construction of this equipment will sit internally, with the 6×36 strands and bundles making up the outer core. This IWRC will have its own numbered construction, say 7×7, which refers to 7 bundles and 7 strands. This means that you will effectively be left with a piece of equipment that is 6×36 + 7×7.

Once this has been constructed, the whole thing is run through a special machine in order to compact it tightly together. This has just some of the following benefits:

compacted rope6x36 iwrc compacted wire rope

Increased lifting capabilities

Increased levels of strength

Reduced internal friction and abrasion damage

Easier to handle thanks to a smooth and more well-rounded finish

A much lower level of wire breakages

These benefits mean that 6×36 IWRC compacted wire rope is perfect for heavier lifting applications, or operations that have high breaking loads.

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6x36 IWRC compacted wire rope specifications