Round Slings

Rope Services Direct manufactures all of our round slings in-house due to investments we have made in the latest sling-making technology. The slings are available in a range of widths and safe working loads and lengths from 1 to 12 meters. The standard colour coding format applies to all our round slings in order to easily identify the safe working load of the sling.

  • 1 tonne = purple
  • 2 tonne = green
  • 3 tonne = yellow
  • 4 tonne = grey
  • 5 tonne = red
  • 6 tonne = brown
  • 8 tonne = blue
  • 10 tonne = orange.

All round slings can be manufactured in 2-3 working days to your precise requirements. All round slings are clearly marked with relevant information.

About Round Slings

Round slings are ideal for lifting smooth, polished, cylindrical or delicate objects without inflicting any damage; this is due to the soft and flexible nature of these round slings which are made from 100% polyester.

The seamless tubular cover is non-load bearing and acts as a protective cover around the load bearing core. The covers have excellent wear and abrasion resistance over its entirety partly because there are no seams or edges to rub against loads and components, it is often edges and seams which wear out first.

The load bearing inner core is made from continuously wound and twisted polyester yarn hank, this provides great strength and durability. These slings will flatten during use to better grip the load; this will not detract from its safe working load.

As with all lifting slings safe slinging procedures must be followed at all times. The angle of the lift (this is the angle the sling takes from a vertical plane) , hitch type and safe working load should all be taken into consideration the chart below should help to identify the reduction required to the SWL at various angles and with each hitch type.

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round slings