Endless Slings

Rope Services Direct manufactures polyester endless slings to the highest of manufacturing standards in-house. The high-tensile polyester fibre is continuously wound to form the endless sling. These types of lifting sling are called endless slings because they have no end, they form a continual loop. Endless slings are also referred to as soft slings, endless round slings or endless web slings.

Endless lifting slings are popular in applications such as vertical, basket hitch and choker. The design of endless slings allow for the hook and load contact points to be rotated/moved this practice is essential to extending the working life of the endless sling; as the sling is rotated, the main contact points move and so the forces and stress applied to the sling are shared over the whole sling rather than one or two points being under constant pressure.

Polyester Endless Slings endless slings

Polyester is a man-made, stretch resistant material; so it will not be as tolerant to shock loading. As it is also resistant to so mould, mildew and rotting problems making polyester a perfect choice for endless slings. These types of slings are often used in the marine and dockyard industries, and are commonly used as boat slings or barge slings for lifting out boats into dry docks. A further key quality of polyester for use in slings is that have good UV resistance which means that they are particularly suitable for outdoor slinging applications.

With the industry standard colour codes, our endless lifting slings easily identify load capacity for safe working. We are happy to supply just one or two slings or many multiples, we can also produce wear sleeves even more protection if required. Call us here at Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004 or you can use our contact us page or rapid enquiry button for email correspondence.

endless slings