Plastic Coated Wire Rope

Plastic coated wire rope coated is proven to be a versatile and robust type of rope and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. The PVC coating is added to stainless steel, galvanised steel and nylon and is smooth to the touch and can easily be stripped back where required.

Our plastic (PVC) coated steel wire-rope is suitable for a broad range of applications including use as security cables, display cables, guard rails and washing lines as well as in marine environments. This special plastic coated wire-rope offers excellent handling properties due to the smooth outer surface of the coating. Plastic coated wire-rope has good flexibility and protection, the coating will offer protection to the wires and strands of the rope, preventing serious damage and kinks from occurring.

For more information, contact Rope Services Direct today to discuss your requirements and place an order for whatever length you require, pricing is by the meter.

PVC / Plastic Coated Wire Rope

We can also supply any wire-rope with PVC coating in a range of colours. Black, white and clear are the most commonly used coatings. PVC coating is flexible and regularly used to coat the 1×19, 7×7 and 7×19 wire-ropes. Ideal for outdoor use due to its good UV stability. PVC coated wire-ropes are typically used for:- guard rails, catenary systems, washing lines, abattoir wire, computer security cables, lock cable systems and barrier ropes.

You will often see this type of coated rope as a security system for bicycles and motorcycles as they offer a simple, compact and very effective means of securing their possessions  to almost any fixed structure.

The black coated rope is typically used in theatres, TV studios, concert venues and other areas where the cabling / wire-rope needs to be unobtrusive and hardly seen for aesthetic reasons.

plastic coated wire rope plastic coated wire rope plastic coated wire rope