6×19 Forestry Rope

The forestry sector requires strong, reliable and high-quality equipment in order to ensure that the highest levels of safety and efficiency are maintained during all operations. Wire rope is used for many different reasons within this industry. We have a variety of equipment that is suitable for use by those in this sector. This page details more on our innovative 6×19 forestry rope and equipment.

More information on our 6×19 forestry rope

6x19 forestry ropeThis wire rope is different to many of the standard forms that you will find in our product section in that it contains many more strands than it does bundles. This particular product has a construction of 6 bundles of 19 strands of strong, robust and long-lasting stainless steel wires.

We can also offer this product in a galvanised option, which makes it even more highly resistant to rust and corrosion. This is recommended when you plan to be using your equipment outdoors frequently, which we expect you’ll be doing if you are planning to operate in forest areas!

How to place an order with us

To place an order with us, there are a number of steps that you can take. For the quickest solution, may we suggest filling out a form using our rapid enquiry button at the top of this page. Or, you can take a look at our contact details page. If you would prefer to speak to a sales rep directly, then simply give us a call on 01384 78004.

6x19 forestry rope specs