Wire Rope Grips

Rope Services Direct supply wire rope grips as a part of our wire rope fittings related range. Wire rope grips are simply a ‘U’ shaped threaded bolt with 2 nuts and a forged saddle.

How to use wire rope grips

As the name suggests our wire rope grips are mainly used to firmly grip wire rope and are frequently used to hold and then join two pieces of wire rope together. To use wire rope grips you simple loosen the nuts to release the ‘U’ bolt just enough so that you can insert your rope. Next you need to insert your two pieces of  wire rope, or one wire rope bent to form an eye; when both sections of wire rope are correctly located, you can tighten the nuts, this will move the saddle up to compress the wire rope and there fore hold it firmly in place until it is removes. Always use a wrench to ensure the nuts are completely tightened, hand tightening is not strong enough for a secure fit.

We supply these from 3mm to 50mm (mild steel) or 2mm to 24mm (stainless steel). Choosing the right size of grip is important so do call our experts on 01384 78004 to discuss your requirements and place your order today.