Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies

Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies from Rope Services Direct

Wire rope assemblies are used all around us, probably without us even noticing; some industries use bespoke wire rope assemblies to suit specific bespoke assembliestasks; gymnasiums, security companies, theatres, TV studios, garage door companies, transport companies, architectural suppliers, landscaping and horticulture industries and many more. Bespoke wire rope assemblies may also be used for sign hanging tasks, catenary cables and other suspension applications.

Because these assemblies are bespoke, you cannot just go and buy one, they have to be custom made to order. Rope Services Direct has the machinery and expertise to produce the majority of wire rope assemblies and can easily customise them to suit your specific requirements.

wire rope socket assemblyThere are many different configurations available on all wire rope assemblies; the wire rope itself is available in a vast range of dimensions and constructions and can be made up in any length you require. The fittings normally used at each end of the assembly are wide and varied, you can have the same fitting at each end or different ones, the choice is yours. Soft or thimble eyes at each end are probably the most popular type of rope assembly we are asked for along with forks, turnbuckles or just fuse and tapered ends. Eye and stud assemblies are also available, as well as wire rope assemblies with socket ends.

Some fittings are available in standard galvanised steel, others come in stainless steel, some types are available in both.

It is important to measure accurately to the specific points for a perfect fit of the wire rope assembly. When taking measurements we determine lengths at different points on different types of wire rope fittings; on eye fittings the measurement is usually taken to the centre of the eye; on forks to the centre of the pin, with thimbles, to the tip of the bearing surface and on stud fitting, to the very end. If you need your wire rope assembly made to a particular overall length then please notify us when ordering that the length is to include the fittings, end to end.

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