Cam Buckle Lashings

Our cam buckle lashings (also called straps) are perfect for use as securing webbing straps. Designed for load capacities of up to 750KG cam buckles consist of a free end and an end which is stitched directly into the webbing. Working similarly to a belt buckle the free end of the webbing is passed around the load to be held and then pushed through the cam buckle and pulled until tight, the load is secured by the toothed lever which applies force with its small teeth into the desired place in the webbing and then the load is secure.

Custom Cam Buckle Lashings

We manufacture cam buckle lashings in-house so can create any type or length of custom lashing to your specification, a variety of widths and colours are readily available; call us on 01384 78004 to discuss your specific requirements.