2.5mm 7×19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

While the 2.5mm 7×19  stainless steel wire rope can look limited written down, it does not prevent it packing a serviceable load capacity of 362kg. It also manages to be more flexible than other wire rope configurations, which is enough to win over some customers.

Design benefits of 2.5mm 7×19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope in detail

7 x 19 stainless steel wire ropeSharing the same resistance to corrosion as all our stainless steel rope, this particular product is part of a range which is innately able to flex and bend without suffering fatigue damage.

The versatility of the 7×19 construction means that you can commonly encounter this type of rope as part of a lifting sling, or in any situation where its ability to withstand exposure to the elements comes in handy.

The aforementioned 362kg working load limit, along with the 5.12kN breaking force, do make it less sturdy than its 1×19 configuration equivalent. If this is not an issue then its flexibility will be the main selling point.

DiameterKG/100M1570 (AISI) kN1570 (AISI) KG

Augmentations to include

Since Rope Services Direct can construct unique assemblies using any number of the products we stock, you can use this 7×19 construction stainless steel wire rope as part of a more cohesive construction.

If you just want end fittings added, our team can also fulfil your wishes using high quality components.

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