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40mm 6x36 stainless steel wire rope

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40mm 6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

40mm 6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

With a load capacity that exceeds 91 tonnes, our 40mm 6x36 stainless steel wire rope with a 6x36 bundle configuration can match some of its sturdiest stable mates in terms of strength. It also possesses superior resistance to corrosion, protecting your investment for longer.

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Performance Potential of 40mm 6x36 stainless steel wire rope

Throughout our 6x36 stainless steel rope range, customers have the option of either a fibre or wire core.

With a fibre core this 40mm rope has a 84.5 tonne WLL, compared to the higher 91 tonne capacity of its wire core equivalent we mentioned earlier. To make up for such limitations, the fibre core does make the rope more flexible, easing the wear and tear that might otherwise build up in some circumstances.

Breaking force is also listed below, with the fibre core sitting at 829kN while the wire core offers an 894kN rating. Some of our other wire rope is stronger in relative terms, but does not match the 6x36 range in terms of diameter.

1570 (AISI)   Fibre Core 1570 (AISI)  Wire Core
Diameter KG/100M Kn  KG kg/100M kN Kg
40 587.2 829 84,502 654.4 894 91,159


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