9mm 1×19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

While its sub-centimetre diameter allows this stainless steel wire rope to remain flexible and lightweight, it is still enough to help the 1×19 configuration of wires to impress with a 6.8 tonne load limit and a breaking force of 66.8kN. These are just the first of the advantages of the 9mm 1×19 stainless steel wire rope..

Conquer the Outdoors9mm 1x19 stainless steel wire rope

Stainless steel is an obvious choice for any wire rope that is expected to brave the elements and come out on top. Rather than rusting and becoming unsightly and unsafe, it will stay looking shiny and fresh for a significant span of time.

Thanks to these pertinent properties, our 9mm 1×19 stainless steel rope is a hit with those in the maritime industries. It makes excellent rigging, but will be equally well equipped to work wonders when used purely decoratively.

Diameter mmKG/100MKn KG

Customise your 9mm 1×19 stainless steel wire rope

The wide array of products on our site can be tailored to mirror the specs you require. The Rope Services Direct team can combine this rope, or any other we stock, with ferrules, terminals and fittings as necessary. There are very few restrictions on the combinations we can create. If you need a bit of guidance, we are here to help.

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