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16mm 18x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope (1m Length)

16mm 18x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope (1m Length)

Fight fatigue and avoid abrasions with our 18x7 stainless steel wire rope, a range which includes this 16mm diameter offering.

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16mm 18x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

 A load limit of 13,438kg is the first of many appealing features that define this particular wire rope product. Read more about 16mm 18x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope below.

Hardy & effective Rope

Keeping corrosion at bay can be a constant battle with some steel products, but our stainless steel rope is reliably resistant to rust and should prevent associated moisture exposure issues.

Further to this benefit, it is worth considering the anti-abrasion advantages of the 18x7 configuration. The outer wire bundles will allow the surface of this rope to be smoother than some of its counterparts, making up for the difference in strength between this rope and its 1x19 or 7x19 siblings.

With the load limit of almost 13.5 tonnes mentioned in the introduction, it is also sensible to consider the breaking force which this rope can withstand. Rated for 131.8kN, it is clearly a capable choice for tough outdoor operations.

Diameter kg/100M 1570 (AISI) kN 1570 (AISI) Kg
16 97.79 131.8 13,438

Chopping & changing

Thanks to the fact that Rope Services Direct will make wire rope products to any length and with any fittings included, your stainless steel rope order can be changed to meet the requirements you set out.

Give our team your specifications and let them make an assembly for you, built with precision and care.

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