2mm 7×19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

If flexibility is at the top of the agenda in your search for stainless steel wire rope, our 7×19 construction range will be one of the best options to select. This 2mm 7×19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope example is the narrowest rope available in this construction. It offers lots of benefits to buyers.

Packed with sturdy strands

7 x 19 stainless steel wire ropeA 7×19 construction rope is made up of seven bundles of wires, each of which contains 19 stainless steel strands. There are six arrayed around the outside and one more in the middle, allowing for an impressive level of malleability not found on equivalent 7×7 or 1×19 rope.

Since the strands are made of stainless steel, the corrosion which might normally occur on lesser metals will be entirely absent. This keeps the rope looking its best for as long as possible.

DiameterKG/100M1570 (AISI) kN1570 (AISI) KG

Equipped for varied purposes

Since we construct wire rope in-house, as well as supplying various fittings, we can make you a bespoke assembly using 7×19 rope. Simply let us know what you want to use the rope for. Our experts will come up with the perfect product in a jiffy.

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