48mm 6×36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

With a safe load limit of just over 131 tonnes, this tough example of our 48mm 6×36 stainless steel wire rope is rugged and ready for anything. It is one of many 6×36 construction rope options we offer and is orderable in whatever length you need.

Stand out with stainless steel rope

6 x 36 stainless steel wire ropeWire rope is not always the most alluring material, but if you opt for a product that uses stainless steel strands then you can expect to see a real surface sheen that is enough to turn heads.

This is not just about aesthetics; stainless steel wire rope is also incredibly resilient. The kinds of environments which might leave other types of wire rope corroded, such as marine scenarios and outdoor settings, will not trouble it.


 1570 (AISI)   Fibre Core 1570 (AISI)  Wire Core
Diameter KG/100MKn KGKG/100MKn KG

Choose from two cores

48mm 6×36 construction rope is offered with a steel wire core or a fibre core. The latter is lighter but not quite as strong, while the former is sturdier but a little more rigid.

Check out the technical data below to see the specific load limits and breaking forces for each core. Also remember that any order from Rope Services Direct can also be enhanced with appropriate fittings to make life easier.

Order 48mm 6×36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope today

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