7×7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope

In amongst our selection of plastic coated wire rope products, the 7 x 7 construction is a common choice because of how thin and flexible it can be. The 7×7 plastic coated wire rope comes in diameters from just 1mm are available, while the coating combats corrosion and shrugs off physical damage to stainless steel wire rope.

Picking 7×7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope Construction

7 x 7 plastic coated wire ropeWe sell wire rope that has not been coated, but this can leave it susceptible to all sorts of hazards. Plastic coated wire rope in the popular 7×7 configuration avoids many of these issues. The hard-wearing coating prevents damage from chemicals, liquids and even sunlight. It also limits the likelihood that kinking will occur, extending the life of a wire rope and integrating important safety benefits for lifting applications.

Plastic Coated Rope Customisation Options

Like our custom wire rope assemblies, you can order 7×7 construction plastic coated wire rope in whatever length and configuration you prefer. You even have a choice of the colour of the coating, although the most commonly selected options are inconspicuous black or white. With PVC and polypropylene coatings available, you can control the precise specifications of the rope your order. From security cables to theatre cables, plastic coating has perks in many situations.

Contact Rope Services Direct for Plastic Coated Wire Rope Advice

All you need to do to get help with your 7 x 7 construction plastic coated wire rope order is to call us on 01384 78004 or email our team from the contact form on our site. No matter your needs, we will do our best to meet them.

7×71570 (AISI)
DiameterKG/100MKn KG