6×7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope

Our 6×7 plastic coated wire rope gives you all the benefits of a standard uncoated assembly but with the added advantages of improved safety and durability. With different plastic coatings available and several colour options on offer, you can completely customise your order.

Perks of 6×7 Plastic Coated Wire Rope Construction

plastic coated wire ropeThere are lots of industries in which plastic coated wire rope is a must-have for lifting tasks of all types. In TV and theatre, for example, a coated rope will be an inconspicuous addition to a studio or set that will not reflect light like an untreated stainless steel wire rope.

PVC is the most commonly used material for coating, although we also offer wire rope coated in polypropylene for use in hazardous environments so that corrosion can be prevented and lifting safety remain intact.

Size Options

The 6×7 construction plastic coated rope we sell can be specified in diameters ranging from 2mm to 6mm. Check out our full range of plastic coated wire rope if you are looking for different strand configurations, diameters or materials.

How to Find out About Plastic Coated Wire Rope

You can learn more about the plastic coated wire rope in 6×7 construction by calling us or sending us an email. Our phone number is 01384 78004 and our friendly team will handle any query you have. Alternatively, our contact page is your go-to place for digital communication ot perhaps you can use the rapid enquiry form.

177019601570 (AISI)
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