4mm 6×19 Plastic Coated Wire Rope

Plastic coated rope like this 4mm diameter 6×19 configuration product is perfect for use in environments when you want to ensure that the wire rope underneath is comprehensively protected against a number of outside elements. You can find out more on the 4mm 6×19 coated rope below.

Technical details of 4mm 6×19 Plastic Coated Wire Rope

6x19 plastic coated wire ropeWith a 981kg load capacity and a breaking strength of 9.63kN, this 6×19 plastic coated rope is solidly sturdy in spite of its slender diameter.

When ordering you have a choice of different coating colours, including black and white which are the most commonly selected. However alternative colours, such as yellow or even a transparent PVC coating, can also be opted for if it makes sense for you.

In addition if safety is a concern, having plastic coated rope which will not suffer the same kinds of wear and tear as untreated rope could be vital to your operations. It can also have practical benefits in other areas, such as disguising theatre cables from view.


Additional wire rope varieties

Rope Services Direct is an experienced producer and supplier of wire rope, with our range featuring everything from forestry rope to crane rope.

In conclusion you can order rope in the length and configuration you require, or get our team to turn it into an assembly which is tailor made just for you.

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