16mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

The 16mm edition of our 18×7 non-rotating stainless steel rope is the heftiest construction offered in this range. This makes it ideal for those customers that want to maximise the capacity and strength of their order while still getting the benefits of non-rotating rope. Keep reading for more on the 16mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope.

Advantages on offer

18x7 stainless steel non-rotating wire ropeAny examination of stainless steel rope should touch on the fact that it is effectively corrosion-proof, at least when it comes to standard exposure to moisture. This is why you will generally encounter our 18×7 rope outdoors or in settings where it will be regularly splashed and submerged in water.

The opposing alignment of the inner and outer wire strands gives this rope its non-rotating powers. Meanwhile the 14mm diameter allows for a 132kN breaking force rating, along with a load limit of 13,464kg.


Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads – 1570 Mpa

Alterations to make

At Rope Services Direct we run a modern production facility that lets you buy any length of wire rope, up to and including this 18×7 configuration offering. We can even use our expertise to build assemblies or supply you with the tools and fittings you need to sort this out yourself.

In the case of this rope you might want to include shackles, thimbles and ferrules when you order.

Ways to contact us about 16mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

There are a variety of options for those who want to touch base with RSD. Send us an email and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. Call 01384 78004 and our sales team will give you advice in real time.