13mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Take a peek at the technical details of our 13mm 18×7 non-rotating stainless steel wire rope and see what all the fuss is about. Then when you are ready to order, take advantage of our varied contact options to get in touch with Rope Services Direct.

Performance potential of Rotation Resistant Rope

18x7 stainless steel non-rotating wire ropeAside from the non-rotating configuration of the wire strands, this 18×7 rope offers a few other design perks that are worth mentioning.

First up is the corrosion-beating capabilities of stainless steel rope in general and this product in particular. Maritime customers, as well sewage treatment and architecture industries, can use this rope outdoors without expecting rust to form.

Next there is the 18×7 construction’s ability to limit abrasion, ensuring that the surface of the rope is not worn down through use, or likely to leave its mark on other surfaces that it moves across.

Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads – 1570 Mpa

Vital statistics of 13mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

With a 13mm diameter, this rope configuration is capable of delivering a load capacity of 8,884kg. It is also rated to take a breaking force of 87.1kN, all while tipping the scales at 676g per metre.

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