10mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

By opposing the direction of the outer and inner layers, this wire rope joins our non-rotating line up. The 10mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope measures just 10mm thick and has an 18×7 configuration of strands, allowing for an abrasion-resistant surface to sit amongst its list of perks.

Headline features of 10mm 18×7 Non-Rotating Stainless Steel Wire Rope

18x7 stainless steel non-rotating wire ropeAn ability to counteract unwanted rotation during use is clearly the main benefit of this rope, but there are a lot of other things worth discussing in relation to its design.

The stainless steel materials make it suitable for marine use.  Outdoor lifting of all kinds can be achieved with this rope. You can find sturdier stainless steel rope in our range, but this 10mm diameter product still packs a decent 5,253kg working load limit. factor in its 51.5kN breaking force rating and you have a compelling option that weighs in at just 0.4kg per meter of length.


Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads – 1570 Mpa

Hugely adaptable Rotation Resistant Rope

You can take any wire rope we make and request a custom assembly, made for you by our engineering team using the latest techniques and the highest quality fittings. You can also order a simple length of 18×7 non rotating rope and also snap up handy tools that can be used to alter it as necessary.

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