24×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

Looking for safe, reliable and strong non-rotating rope? Our specially designed and manufactured 24×7 rotation resistant wire rope could be for you.

The details for the 24×7 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

24x7 rotation resistant wire ropeFor the majority of operations and applications, standard wire rope is more than capable of completing the task at hand. Its construction lends itself to strength and stability, and ensures that all operations remain safe and free of risk.

However, this same construction can lead to a natural rotating of the rope, something that must be avoided in some operations. For that very reason, this equipment has been designed. This non-rotating rope product has an outer layer which runs in the opposite direction to the inner layer, meaning the force movement is cancelled out between the two. The more layers that this type of rope has, the less rotating there will be.

This particular product has a construction of 3 layers of 24 bundles of 7 strands of wire. This metal further increases this product’s resistance, but to corrosion and rust.

How to place an order with us

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2160 Mpa 
Diameter KG/MkN