18×7 Non Rotating Wire Rope

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More information on our 18×7 non rotating wire rope

non rotating ropeOur popular 18×7 non-rotating wire rope is an industry standard choice, and is built to last. Featuring 18 bundles/strands of 18x7 non rotating wire rope7wires, this rope product has been designed to be resistant to rotating. While not necessary for all operations, for some this is a must.

The rope has been designed so that the outer layer of strands will counteract the force movement of the inner layer, creating a stable product. The level of resistance will grow depending on how many layers you have, so please enquire with us below for more information on this.

This 18×7 non-rotating rope generally comes in stainless steel, but we can also provide it in a self-colour or galvanized finish too. The former is a type of mild steel which is uncoated, and so has little to no resistance to corrosion. A galvanized finish is the opposite, with a protective zinc layer coated on, increasing its level of resistance to corrosion.

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This product is one of our most popular wire ropes, and is always in high demand, other non-rotating rope constructions are available. To secure yours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, either by calling us on 01384 78004 or contacting us through another means here.

Nominal DiameterApproximate MassMinimum breaking loads – 1570 Mpa