4.5mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

Adaptable to a range of commercial uses, our 4.5mm 7×7 galvanised wire rope will work wonders thanks to its innate strength, impressive durability and wide ranging compatibility with fittings.

Basic features of 4.5mm 7×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

7x7 wire core galvanised wire ropeLike the other variants of 7×7 wire rope we make, this 4.5mm diameter example is galvanised, which means that corrosion has a tougher time getting a grip on the surface of the steel. Those customers who are looking for wire rope that offers excellent longevity in challenging, moisture-rich environments will appreciate this fact.

In terms of load-lugging, this rope is rated for weights of up to 1570kg. For a wire rope that is under half a centimetre thick, this capacity is definitely an asset. The maximum breaking force of 12.34kN is also worth taking into account, since it attests to the strength and durability of this product in one fell swoop.


Your adaptation options

Choosing this 4.5mm diameter 7×7 galvanised rope is the first part of the process; you next need to think about what extras you would like Rope Services Direct to install when you order.

A fully custom assembly could be the ideal solution to your lifting and lashing needs. You can specify everything from eye nuts to thimbles for your rope and get the best quality products in the business from our site. Adding specific end terminations is no problem for our wire rope engineers who use industrial tools and press machinery. This key benefit ensures you get quality products every time.

Looking for assistance?

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