10mm 7×7 Galvanized Wire Rope

Coming in just below the toughest 7×7 galvanized rope on our site, this 10mm 7×7 galvanized wire rope provides plenty of lifting strength as well as a design which prevents moisture from damaging the surface in maritime circumstances.

Basic benefits of 10mm 7×7 Galvanized Wire Rope

7x7 wire core galvanised wire ropeWith any wire rope, the likelihood is that it will come in contact with moisture at some point. If the metal is left without any kind of protection, rusting is an inevitable consequence of this. With galvanized rope, corrosion should be averted because the metal is treated to stop this process in its tracks.

Galvanization is a long standing solution for preserving steel and so this rope will weather any storms it encounters over time. Meanwhile the 10mm diameter provides a SWL rating of up to 6210kg, enabling its use for lifting duties if necessary.


Make it your own

Every Rope Services Direct customer has the option to adjust their order so that the wire rope they choose comes kitted out with the fittings and fixtures which make the most sense.

Plenty of people choose to require a full wire rope assembly, designed and built by RSD’s specialist engineers using 10mm 7×7 galvanised wire rope. We take unique requirements into account and supply products of all kinds at competitive prices.

Order today

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