9mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Measuring 9mm in diameter, this galvanised rope comes with corrosion resistant strands arranged in a 7×19 configuration around a wire core. 9mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope can be ordered in any length you need, along with the fittings that will make it possible to use immediately.

Perks of galvanised wire rope

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeWhenever wire rope is put to work in environments where moisture is present, rusting is always going to be a concern. This is not just about aesthetics, since a corroded surface will also cause structural issues over time. Galvanised rope and stainless steel rope manage to overcome this complication with flying colours.

The specific potential of this 9mm 7×19 Wire rope includes a 5858kg capacity for lifting and a 57.5kN breaking force rating. The way its strands are arranged means that it will be more flexible than 7×7 galvanised rope, while still delivering on the promise of being sturdy and durable.


Choose a custom 9mm 7×19 Galvanised wire rope assembly

Rope Services Direct can build you a bespoke assembly using this wire rope. It is a good fit for winching and hoisting and can also be used in security cables of various lengths and configurations.

Since we produce and supply wire ropes at our modern facility, customers can take the wheel and steer our specialists towards whichever wire rope assembly they require. You may wish to have different terminations at each end of the rope. Or you may not need a fitting applied at all. In this case a fuse and taper would probably suit as this prevents the rope from unraveling.

Order with RSD

If you are ready to place an order or simply want to get a quote, give our team a call on 01384 78004. RSD can also be reached via our contact page where additional information is available.