7mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

With a thickness of 7mm and a galvanised exterior, this example of wire rope is also surprisingly capable of flexing thanks to the 7×19 strand configuration it possesses. Find out all about the capabilities that 7mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope offers right here.

Why choose galvanised rope?

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeWe produce plenty of different galvanised rope types, yet the common feature they share is their resistance to corrosion. This means that even if they are used outdoors or in any potentially moist environment, they will not develop rust as they would if they were untreated.

In the case of this 7mm diameter 7×19 rope, the number and arrangement of the strands means that it is more flexible than you might expect. This means that it will not be fatigued by uses in which it is coiled or wrapped, making it a good winch rope amongst other things.

With 3544kg maximum load capacity, this rope is also strong enough for lifting duties. In all it is impressively specified as well as eminently durable.


Our adaptation options for 7mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Thanks to the expertise we offer and the manufacturing facilities we operate, any Rope Services Direct customer can get a completely custom assembly made from our high quality products. Not to mention that we are often the cheapest around for our bespoke wire ropes.

This applies to our 7mm diameter 7×19 rope as well as all other alternatives found on our site. Simply choose the length you require and the fittings you desire and we will take care of the rest.

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