6.5mm 7×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Make sure that corrosion is not a problem by choosing the 6.5mm 7×19 galvanized wire rope, of which we produce many varieties. The 7×19 rope with a 6.5mm diameter is intended to be flexible and adaptable to various jobs while also offering a decent load capacity.

Quick overview of the 6.5mm 7×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeBecause this wire rope has been galvanized, it is able to resist corrosion and thus provide a longer lifespan than would be achievable in other circumstances.

Aside from its ability to fair well in moist conditions, this 7×19 rope has its strands configured in such a way to make it more malleable than similar counterparts, like the 7×7 wire rope we make.

The load capacity for this specific example tops out at 3056kg, so it can be harnessed for hoisting purposes while also making a good option for use in security cables and other applications where flexibility is key.


Wire rope for every occasion

Rope Services Direct supplies customers of all kinds with ropes and accessories. We have fibre ropes made from both natural and synthetic materials to compliment or steel wire rope line up.

Our fittings range is also excellent, letting you select end terminals, thimbles, ferrules and lots of other add-ons to be installed on your wire rope order. Custom made wire rope assemblies are what we do here at RSD. With experienced riggers and machinery, our facilities can turn out some of the best and cheapest assemblies around.

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