5mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Pure strength is something that certain wire rope types provide at the expense of flexibility. This is not the case with our 7×19 galvanised rope, particularly at this modest 5mm diameter. 5mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope is great for use in conjunction with pulleys, whether for lifting loads or acting as rigging.

Durable and adaptable 5mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeAs this is a member of our galvanised rope line up, it is resistant to corrosion and can even be used in places where sea spray and regular rainfall are likely.

The 7×19 strand setup makes this flexible and thus able to work well in plenty of different scenarios. Its load capacity of 1808kg and breaking force rating of 17.74kN should reassure you that it provide sturdiness as well as malleability.


Choosing your custom rope assembly

The advantage of buying from Rope Services Direct is that we can make assemblies using the many different types of rope and fittings on our site. This includes the 5mm 7×19 rope as well as the stainless steel rope and fibre rope varieties you can find here.

Fittings are also for sale, whether as a separate inclusion in your order or as part of a pre-installed add-on package you pick with our help. Made to order wire rope assemblies are one of our specialties. You will have your fitting choice permanently pressed on for the highest safety levels.

Get assistance with wire rope orders

Let us lead you through the process of choosing which wire rope to buy when you call 01384 78004 or take advantage of our easy to use rapid response form. Our friendly, well-informed team can be your guide, whatever you need. Not to mention our great low prices.