2mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Built for improved flexibility when compared with its 7×7 counterpart, this 7×19 galvanised rope is well equipped to cope with duties in which it will regularly need to bend, coil and wind around itself. With a 2mm diameter, this 2mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope is the thinnest option in the range.

Practical features of 2mm 7×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

7x19 wire core galvanised steel ropeWith a load capacity of 289kg, you will be surprised by how strong this 2mm rope is. The wire core helps with this, yet the 7×19 strand configuration does not preclude flexibility from its list of attributes, as already mentioned.

Whether harnessed for winching or used as a specialised form of security cable, this rope has a lot to offer in a variety of scenarios. Furthermore because it is galvanised, it will not rust even if it is left outdoors or exposed directly to moisture.


Potential adaptations

Opting to use this 2mm 7×19 galvanised rope in a custom assembly is sensible if you want to get the most out of its capabilities.

At Rope Services Direct, we have the tools and knowhow to make whatever wire rope product you require. If you would prefer to put the finishing touches to the rope yourself, our comprehensive cavalcade of fittings can be chosen from for that very purpose. Swageless terminations and wire rope grips are popular choices for the keen DIYer. However our swaged fittings and permanently pressed fittings are much stronger and safer, due to the fact that hundreds of tonnes or force is applied during the fitting process.

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