8mm 6×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

With an 8mm diameter, this 6×7 galvanised rope occupies the stiffer end of the scale when compared with its narrower counterparts. However, its fibre core means that you get a decent amount of flex and fatigue resistance irrespective of its construction. Read on to learn more about this 8mm 6×7 Galvanised wire rope.

Main attributes of 8mm 6×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

6x7 fibre core galvanised wire ropeMeasuring under a centimetre across, this galvanised rope retains a level of flexibility that might not be expected from a 6×7 construction product. At the heart of the steel wire bundles is a fibre core, limiting the weight of the rope while enhancing its suppleness.

There are a few different capacities listed for this rope, with variations coming according to the steel grade which is used. Select the specific rope that fits your needs and benefit from up to 4,245kg of WLL.



8mm Wire rope made to order

Rope Services Direct specialises not only in producing sophisticated ropes in a cavalcade of different configurations, but also in developing bespoke assembly designs that make use of all the products we stock. You can get a custom lifting sling, manufactured by our experienced team, or ask us to create almost any unique construction you might require. Our ropes and fittings range from minuscule to rather large. They compliment each other to make a perfect fit when using a press machine to attach them. Fuse and tapered ends are also doable.

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