4mm 6×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

The 4mm 6×7 galvanised wire rope has a finish that helps avert annoying corrosion and a construction that makes it modestly flexible, our 6×7 rope with a 4mm diameter leverages the best that galvanisation has to offer and couples this with a fibre core to round out its advantages.

More choices to make

6x7 fibre core galvanised wire ropeOnce you have decided that this 4mm 6×7 Galvanised Wire Rope is the right one for you, there is still another choice to make. We offer 6×7 galvanised rope with three specific steel grades, which means that capacity and strength ratings differ. The toughest of the pack offers more than a tonne of load bearing power, so check out the full table of performance potential below to clear up any confusion.




Consistent advantages of 4mm 6×7 Galvanised Wire Rope

Wire rope which has been galvanised is in the same category as stainless steel rope when it comes to combating corrosion. A layer of zinc keeps the steel beneath from oxidising and thus limits the likelihood of rust taking hold, so long as the rope does not suffer significant surface damage.

The 6×7 construction of this rope results in lower levels of abrasion, which in turn help to limit wear and tear while prolonging the lifespan of the rope and any assembly in which it is use. Let Rope Services Direct make something special for you using this galvanised rope.

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