9mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope

Excellent corrosion resistance and structural flexibility make this 9mm example of our extensive 6×36 galvanised wire rope range an asset for lifting, rigging and other industrial duties in a maritime setting. To find out more about 9mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope read on below.

Reliable and durable 9mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope

Wire rope comes in a huge variety of configurations, with no two options offering exactly the same benefits. In the case of our 9mm diameter 6×36 galvanised rope, the main talking points are its ability to avoid accruing rust, its flexibility and its comparatively high breaking load.

Well suited to the challenges that come with outdoor use, this type of rope might be used to moor boats, as well as being suitable for winching and hoisting in places where moisture will be a potential hazard.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope

3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core17701960

Fibre Core 17701960

Adaptable and affordable 9mm wire rope

6×36 galvanised rope is available as a standalone product, created at the modern Rope Services Direct facility, or as part of an assembly that you can customise. We stock and install fittings to make this rope as practical and potent as possible.

You can request that this rope be turned into a lifting sling, with our wire rope slings proving to be a popular option amongst customers. Thanks to the competitive nature of our pricing and the convenience of our bespoke assembly services, you can save time and money when you order with us.

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