42mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope

For strength and a level of durability you might not expect, our 42mm 6×36 galvanized wire rope is a good investment. It gives a good account of itself in various outdoor lifting operations and is endowed with a hefty load capacity in both its fibre and steel core forms.

Facts & figures of 42mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope

There are a few things you need to know about this wire rope before deciding whether it is right for you. First and foremost the load limits that are placed upon this 42mm product need to be considered. Capacities vary according to the core that is used and the rating of the steel, so check the technical data carefully.

The fibre core example of this 6×36 rope allows for lifting of up to 116,305kg. Meanwhile the steel wire core equivalent, which is stronger but not as flexible, has a WLL of over 125 tonnes.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope 3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core 17701960
Fibre Core 17701960


The long life span that can be expected of this rope is not just down to the configuration of the strands and the core material; it is also related to the galvanization process which has been applied to the exterior of the wire.

Galvanisation makes it much harder for corrosion to form and should stop the onset of rust, even in use cases where moisture is unavoidably present in the environment.

Ordering with us

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