40mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope

Supplied with a choice of steel or fibre cores, our 6×36 galvanized rope with this sturdy 40mm diameter is well suited to some of the toughest lifting tasks in any number of the most challenging commercial conditions. Completely customisable, your 40mm 6×36 Galvanized wire rope order can fit precisely with your needs.

Why go for galvanized rope?

Galvanized rope brings a lot to the table from a technical perspective, with its corrosion-resistant surface stopping the encroachment of rust in moist environments.

This 6×36 galvanized rope is particularly appealing because the strand configuration makes it strong without limiting its flexibility too much. Lifting duties on many types can therefore be tackled effectively and efficiently, all while ensuring that employees stay safe and the cargo remains undamaged.

Load capacities of up to 113 tonnes are offered by this 40mm 6×36 rope range, so it is simply a case of selecting the variant that meets expectations.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope 3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core 17701960
Fibre Core 17701960

What alterations can be made to 40mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope?

Whichever type of wire rope you pick, our engineers can work with it to produce a custom assembly or affix whatever attachments you deem necessary.

For fast and convenient lifting, a snap hook or a socket might make a worthy addition. Ferrules and thimbles are also available as part of our large line up of compatible products.

How do I get in touch?

Speak to Rope Services Direct on the phone by dialling 01384 78004. Our sales team will gladly reply to queries and give quotes. Email us if you would rather handle communications online. Orders and payments can easily be placed over the phone.