34mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope

Rated to shoulder loads of up to 82,224kg,  our 34mm 6×36 galvanized wire rope has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve thanks to its 6×36 structure and its anti-rust properties. 34mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope is also completely customisable and can be made to measure by Rope Services Direct.

34mm 6×36 Galvanized Wire Rope Reliability

Steel can corrode in moist air, or when it comes in direct contact with the elements. This is why galvanization is such a useful process to apply to any object made from this material. In the case of wire rope, this is particularly relevant, as our 34mm 6×36 example and many of its counterparts tend to be used outdoors where adverse weather conditions are an inevitability.

The 34mm diameter of this particular rope, along with its all-purpose 6×36 strand configuration, give it a well balanced design that provides strength and flexibility almost equally. Fibre and steel wire cores can be chosen, according to your needs.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope 3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core 17701960
Fibre Core 17701960

Other ropes to choose

We manufacture high quality wire rope of many different kinds, as well as supplying fibre rope products to customers across the country. If you are interested in rope that looks good as well as providing lower chances of corroding, our stainless steel rope could be a good alternative. Webbing products such as web slings are also one of our specialities and are made to order.

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