14mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope

Working with 14mm 6×36 galvanised wire rope is easier thanks to its flexible construction. The durability that comes with the specially treated materials used also enhance the rope. Order wire rope in any length and configuration from Rope Services Direct and enjoy high quality, cost-effective products for your rigging, lifting and lashing needs.

Why galvanised rope is worthwhile

Steel has a habit of picking up corrosion if it is left untreated, which is why galvanisation is such a popular process. In the case of this 14mm 6×36 rope, it means that the wire strands should stay clear of rust even when persistently exposed to moist environments.

All our galvanised rope shares these hard wearing properties and so those with maritime operations to complete can expect to find a product that suits their requirements on our site, even if this particular example is not ideal.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope 3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core 17701960
Fibre Core 17701960

How 14mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope can be adapted

Another benefit of ordering with us is that each of our ropes can be altered in-house by our engineering experts. In the case of this 6×36 rope, which can pack load capacities of up to 13,941kg, it is entirely possible to order a complete assembly with the fittings you need to put it into use straight away. Our riggers will permanently press the fitting of your choice to the rope.

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