10mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope

Delivering a decent diameter of 10mm and a popular strand configuration of 6×36, this iteration of our galvanised wire rope can fit neatly into a number of roles. Whether for lifting, winching or rigging purposes, its flexibility and resistance to corrosion will come into their own on the 10mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope.

Advantages of 10mm 6×36 Galvanised Wire Rope

By combining 6 bundles of 36 equal lay steel wire strands, this 10mm rope has a structure that is tough and durable as well as suitably malleable. A range of breaking force and WLL options are available according to the rating of the steel that is used, so check the table of technical data below for full details on how it will perform in typical use cases.

Wire rope which has been galvanised, as is the case here, should not pick up the signs of corrosion that might usually be expected if moisture came in contact with its surface. This makes it possible for our 10mm 6×36 rope to resist the impact of the elements in marine settings.

6x36 fibre core galvanised wire rope

3x36 wire core galvanised steel rope

Wire Core17701960
Fibre Core 17701960


For wire rope which offers excellent corrosion resistance as well as a sleek finish, consider our stainless steel line up. For fibre rope made with natural and artificial materials, we also have a huge variety of products, made at our cutting edge factory, for you to choose between.

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