6mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope

Here we have a 6mm 6×24 6×24 galvanised wire rope which is supremely flexible. It packs plenty of other benefits that need mentioning. Able to resist the encroachment of corrosion in marine settings, our galvanised steel wire rope range has a lot to offer a diverse array of Rope Services Direct customers.

Vital statistics of 6mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope

6x24 fibre core galvanised wire ropeNo other rope in the 6×24 range has such a narrow diameter as this 6mm product, which means it also has the lowest load capacity and breaking force rating, offering 2,014kg of lifting power.

This rope is not generally chosen for load handling, but instead has the flexibility and anti-rust properties that make it a good option for other applications. Galvanisation makes it more than capable of thriving in moist environments, while the fibre cores of each bundle give it that capability to flex that is not found elsewhere.


Possible setups for 6mm Rope

For a simple wire rope order, we can produce and supply 6×24 galvanised rope in this 6mm configuration direct to customers across the country. We can also add fittings or create assemblies with this rope that are ready to be put to use. Thanks to our experience and expertise, almost anything is achievable. From fuse and tapers to pressing on rigging screws and swaged terminals, the RSD riggers can achieve what is required.

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