26mm 6×24 Galvanized Wire Rope

This 6×24 galvanized wire rope is made resistant to corrosion through a galvanization process and endowed with a flexible construction through its fibre cores. This 26mm diameter version of the various we supply is one of many excitingly effective options available to Rope Services Direct customers. Find out more about the impressive 26mm 6×24 Galvanised Wire Rope below.

Performance considerations for 26mm 6×24 Galvanized Wire Rope

6x24 fibre core galvanised wire ropeMeasuring 26mm across yet using fibre instead of steel as its core material means that this wire rope provides a WLL of 37,817kg and is not quite as resilient when faced with crushing forces as some of its siblings.

What does give this rope the edge is its ability to lash loads effectively thanks to its flexible construction. For the purposes of keeping bundles of lumber together as part of a forest clearing and maintenance operation, it will be an excellent choice.

It can be used outdoors with confidence, since rust resulting from moisture exposure will not occur because the steel wires are galvanised. In this respect it is a lot like our stainless steel wire rope range.


Extras on offer

With every wire rope order it makes sense to include fittings, such as ferrules, terminals and other components. Rather than having to attach these yourself, RSD can be relied upon to make a custom assembly using 6×24 galvanised wire rope. Working with this 26mm product is something we do on a daily basis. If fittings are not required, ask for a fuse and tapered end, this stops the rope from fraying and unraveling.

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