6.5mm 6×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

Getting the most out of galvanised rope is easy when you choose this 6.5mm 6×19 galvanised wire rope. It has a durable design, a good amount of flex in its configuration and can be transformed into a custom creation by Rope Services Direct.

Main features of 6.5mm 6×19 Galvanised Wire Rope

6x19 fibre core galvanised wire ropeThis wire rope occupies an interesting niche in its specific range, sitting between its every so slightly thicker and thinner siblings and giving our customers the optimal amount of choice when ordering an assembly from us.

The 6.5mm diameter results in a load limit of up to 2,592kg, while the breaking force of 25.4kN that this rope provides is also noteworthy.

While galvanised wires make up the outer array of bundles for this rope, the centre is occupied by a fibre core. This reduces the weight of the rope while also adding to its flexibility. Using it outdoors for decorative balustrades and fencing is therefore common practice.


Potential alternatives for the 6×19 rope

There are many choices of end terminations to consider for your rope. Browse our fittings page to help with your choice. Whilst thimble eyes are a popular option you may be better suited with a swaged terminal or perhaps a simple fused end so you can use wire rope grips.

You can take your pick of wire rope on our site, with our galvanised range just being a single option in an extensive line up. Take a look at our catenary wire products, consider our non-rotating rope and be impressed by our stainless steel wire rope. Of course if 6×19 rope is what you need, this page provides technical information and other useful assets.

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