20mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Measuring 20mm in diameter, this example of our galvanized wire rope is the sturdiest we offer in a 20mm 6×19 strand configuration. Produced and sold in the length you require by the Rope Services Direct team, you can order a custom 20mm 6×19 Galvanized Rope assembly with confidence.

Facts and figures on 20mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

6x19 fibre core galvanised wire ropeAlthough you may not choose to use this 20mm 6×19 wire rope for lifting tasks, it is still worth noting the performance limits that it brings to the table. It is rated for load bearing at capacities of up to 24,535kg and has a breaking force of 241kN.

Also worth noting is the fact that the outside arrangement of 6 bundles that consist of 19 individual strands of galvanised steel wire houses a fibre core. This improved the flexibility of the rope in comparison with alternative options that have wire cores.


Your options for rope adaptation

You can order wire rope tools from RSD and pair these with the fittings you need to turn your 20mm 6×19 rope into something truly unique. Alternatively you can let our expert engineers take over and conjure up a completely custom creation using this rope and the other products we stock. Whatever you decide, you can rely on us to offer exceptional levels of quality in everything we manufacture and supply. So whether you need a fuse and tapered rope or need an eye termination, the RSD riggers can help.

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Give RSD a ring on 01384 78004 or send our specialists an email with any questions you have about galvanised steel wire rope. We can provide competitive quotes, in depth assistance and detailed information to address all customer queries.