18mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Consisting of galvanized steel strands wrapped around a fibre core, this example of our 18mm 6×19 configuration wire rope has a lot to offer in terms of flexibility and durability. Read on for more about our 18mm 6×19 Galvanised Rope.

Biggest benefits of 18mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

6x19 fibre core galvanised wire ropeAs mentioned already, the fibre core means that this wire rope will flex a little further than some of its other galvanised counterparts. This becomes an advantage in various settings, whether you choose to use it for lifting duties or as a structural component in a fencing assembly.

With an 18mm diameter and 6 bundles of 19 wire strands, this rope can tackle loads of up to 19,873kg. While boasting a 195kN breaking force rating. Its sturdiness goes hand in hand with its corrosion resistance, with the galvanization ensuring that it will not rust if left exposed to the elements or used in marine environments.


Rope Customisation options

With a full line up of wire rope fittings on offer, you can rely on Rope Services Direct to supply all the parts you need to go along with your 18mm 6×19 galvanised rope order. We can turn this rope into a bespoke assembly if you wish, which means you do not need to make any adaptations or additions to start using it immediately. The ends of the rope can be either fuse and tapered or have a soft eye or thimble eye. Other fittings may be attached to these eyes.

Getting in contact with us

Speaking to an RSD expert is a great way to learn more about the wire rope products we produce and the extra services we offer. Just call us on 01384 78004 or send our team an email to find out more.