14mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope

Adopting the 6×19 strand configuration, this 14mm 6×19 galvanized wire rope is quite a bit more flexible than some of its counterparts thanks to the use of a fibre core in place of a steel one. Measuring 14mm thick, it is also at the sturdier end of the scale within the range.

What can 14mm 6×19 Galvanized Wire Rope do?

6x19 fibre core galvanised wire ropeWhen you order this wire rope from us, there are a lot of potential options for how it can be used. Its flexibility means that it might find a home as a garage door cable, while its 12,022kg load limit might make it suitable for lifting duties and load bearing operations.

The 14mm 6×19 rope we produce is protected through the process of galvanization. Corrosion which might normally appear after moisture is brought in contact with the steel should be mitigated thanks to this. Outdoor use and deployment in marine environments is therefore an option.


Is this Galv rope adaptable?

Not only is this rope versatile in its own right, but it can also form part of a custom assembly constructed by the engineers at Rope Services Direct. We can add the attachments you need to get up and running faster, while saving you the effort of installing fittings yourself.

How do I contact RSD?

There are several ways to let us know what you need. Call 01384 78004 and our sales specialists will talk you through your options in real time. Email our experts and you can expect a swift, detail-rich reply in no time.