8mm 6×12 Galvanized Wire Rope

Arranged in a clever configuration that affords both strength and a decent dose of flexibility, our 8mm 6×12 galvanized wire rope can be produced in a diameter of 8mm and sold in whatever length you require, with fittings added for even more versatility for your  6×12 Galvanized Rope.

Product specs of 8mm 6×12 Galvanized Wire Rope

6x12 fibre core galvanised wire ropeAs with other types of galvanized rope, you can expect this 6×12 construction to avoid succumbing to corrosion caused by moist operating environments. It is a popular choice amongst many organisations. The lower breaking force of this rope makes it suitable for cargo restraint rather than heavy lifting. They are also useful for replacing very specific assemblies.

The working load limit of this 8mm rope will peak at 2,672kg if you opt for the 1960 rated steel. Cast your eyes down the page and you will find the technical data for other variants that will prove useful when making a selection.



Our wider rope range

If wire rope is on your wish list but this specific product is not quite capable of fulfilling your needs, check out our full range. It includes non-rotating rope for safe lifting, plastic coated rope for added abrasion-resistance, compacted rope for increased strength and lots of other examples of our exceptional workmanship. Don’t forget to check out the rope fittings page too, here you will find many types of tools to further enhance your rope.

Ring RSD for wire rope advice

Our contact number is 01384 78004 and you can also email us with any query you have about galvanized rope. We can talk through some of the more technically tricky aspects of each product and point you in the direction of the perfect assembly.